Facility Information

Accel Biotech’s facility, located in Los Gatos, California, is is capable of fulfilling our clients’ needs throughout the design process and houses all the necessary tools and resources to provide the most effective product development available. We also provide contract manufacturing in flexible work cells designed appropriately for complex system, low-to-moderate volume assembly.



Our workspace is designed to maximize communication, creativity, productivity and employee satisfaction. An open floor plan provides our multidisciplinary engineering staff with a creative workspace designed for collaboration and an enjoyable work atmosphere. Special areas are available to isolate work for clients with sensitive intellectual property.


Optics Lab

We maintain a fully-equipped lab to design, prototype and optimize optical benches typically found in scientific and biotech instruments. We work with all types of light sources, free-space and fiber light transmission, monochromation and optical detection.

  • Optical tables and components
  • Positioning equipment, power meters, darkroom
  • Lasers and broad spectrum light sources
  • Photosensors and CCD cameras
  • Zemax optics design software

Electronics Lab

Our facility is equipped with a fully functional electronics lab catered to the design of biotech products requiring sophisticated control circuitry. The electronics lab is an ESD controlled environment that includes protected workstations.

  • PCB oven for prototyping and quick turn revisions
  • Reflow oven
  • Fine pitch soldering stations
  • RF generators and test equipment
  • Cabling and wire harness station with automated stripper and crimping stations
3D Printers 1-22-16 BEST

Rapid Prototyping Shop

Our machine shop is complemented by a suite of 3D printers, laser engraving and embossing equipment to turn ideas into tangible concepts as quick as possible.

  • Five 3D printers
  • One laser engraver equipped for acrylic prototyping
  • Automated embossing system for micro-molded parts
  • Microfluidic prototyping in various materials

Machine Shop

Accel Biotech’s machine shop is equipped with the latest CNC machines and software – Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS®. This combination allows Accel Biotech to manufacture prototypes in a wide range of materials in days rather than months. The shop also has the capacity to run parts for both prototyping and manufacturing.

  • Eight Haas CNCs
  • Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS
  • Manual mills and lathes
  • Sheet metal equipment
  • Production and prototyping
MFG AF-B Line 03-02-17

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are organized to be flexible and efficient. Accel Biotech can seamlessly transfer products from development to manufacturing with no interruption. We specialize in complex, low-volume assembly for electromechanical systems containing optics, fluidics, robotics and precision thermal control.

  • ISO 13485 certified
  • Certified materials management
  • Short run or sustained production
  • Complex instrumentation and companion disposables

Biological Safety Lab

Accel Biotech maintains a biologicals lab to support functional testing of systems with blood or other biological materials.

  • BSL-2
  • Biohazard flow hood
  • Basic biochemistry equipment