Accel Biotech has experience in diagnostics and we fully understand the development process needed to deliver market-leading systems. We have developed central lab systems, molecular diagnostic platforms, handheld point-of-care devices and various clinical chemistry analyzers. We pride ourselves on developing quality, fully turn-key systems quicker than anyone in the market.


Applied BioCode – Multiplex Automation Platform

Product: DNA analyzer – barcoded bead technology
Scope: Systems, mechanical, electrical and prototypes
Status: In development


Hybribio – Molecular Diagnostic System

Product: HPV and other infectious disease detection
Scope: Systems, optics, ID, and mechanical designs
Status: Launched to market


Portable Molecular Diagnostic System

Product: Portable multiplexed DNA analyzer
Scope: Electronics & Firmware designs
Status: Limited production


MRSA Analyzer

Product: Automated tube handling platform
Scope: ID, mechanical, electronics, firmware and software
Status: Clinical trials


DNA Analyzer

Product: Automated real-time PCR system
Scope: Systems, fluidics, optics, mechanical, electronics and software design
Status: Clinical trials


Point of Care Analyzer

Product: Dual color fluorescence reader
Scope: Upgraded design and manufactured units for clinical trials in China
Status: Clinical trials


Portable Analyzer

Product: Hand crank mixer, centrifuge and reader for field use
Scope: Systems, mechanical design and prototypes
Status: Concept to clinical prototypes in less than 5 months


Multiplex Bead Analyzer

Product: Multi-color fluorescence slide reader for imaging multiplexed beads
Scope: ID, optics, electronics, firmware, mechanical and software designs
Status: In production


Microplate Reader

Product: Automated gene expression chemiluminescence reader using night vision technology
Scope: Systems, fluidics, mechanical, electronics and software design
Status: In production


Microplate Processor

Product: Automated gene expression fluid handling system
Scope: Systems, fluidics, mechanical, electronics and software design
Status: In production


Reagent Carousel Module

Product: Carousel with orbital agitation for molecular diagnostic system
Scope: Mechanics and electronics
Status: Clinical trials


PCR Thermal and Optical Module

Product: Fluorescence real-time PCR thermalcycler module
Scope: Systems, Thermal, Optics, Mechanical, Electronics, & Software design
Status: Clinical trials