Accel Biotech works on a broad range of automation and capital equipment. We have developed multiple automated sealers, fillers and dispensers and have significant experience in centrifuges and vacuum systems. We can deliver custom designs or adapt our products to fit your needs.


Embossing System

Product: Process development, design and build
Scope: Automated embossing system used to prototype micro-molded part
Status: Used in production


Cartridge Test Station

Product: Automated station used to test flow and leaks in cartridges
Scope: Process development, design, and build
Status: In development


Large Scale Centrifuge

Product: High speed 40” centrifuge for sample processing
Scope: Systems, Fluidics, rotor design, mechanical, electronics, software design and prototype
Status: In development


Cartridge Sealing Station

Product: Automated film sealer for sealing reagents in a cartridge
Scope: Process development, design, build and build
Status: Clinical trials