Accel Biotech, a Ximedica company, possesses advanced knowledge of disposable design and development. We are experienced in microfluidics, reagent storage, material selection and molding. We have the experience and creativity necessary for effective disposable design specifically for manufacturing.

Accel’s team has experience in the following areas:

* Materials: glass and plastics
* Reagent storage and delivery
* Filtering materials
* Magnetic bead separation and handling
* All forms of valves and fluid transfer methods
* Bonding methods: ultrasonics, adhesives, thermal bonding, and PSA’s
* Micro-molding
* Integrated incubation and PCR
* Optics integration
* Integrated pumps and dispensers
* Design of blister packs


Blister Packs


Reagent Syringe


Ultrasonic Welding


Patent Pending Flow Cell