Accel Biotech, a Ximedica company, has a broad background in optical design. Over the years Accel has developed a wide range of optical systems ranging from high speed fluorescence systems to image intensified camera systems used to read chemiluminescence arrays.

Accel uses state of the art optical analysis software and has a fully equipped optics lab to accelerate your product development.

Accel’s team has experience in the following areas:

* Classical optics
* Fluorescence, absorbance, and chemiluminescence
* Index of refraction detectors
* Photo diodes, cameras, and photo multiplier tubes PMTs
* Image intensifers for chemiluminescence
* Lasers, LED’s, incandescent, and arc lamp sources
* Microscopy – imaging and fluorescence
* Plastic optics design and fabrication


High Power LED Illumination


Ray Trace Analysis


High Speed 2 Color Fluorescence Reader


Real Time PCR Optics